• Song:

    Follow You Down

  • Artist:

    Micky E The Motocars

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B5               A5                E5  
My baby says we look so good together 
 B5                    A5            E5  
So why do things turn ugly when we?re out  
G#5                               A5  
I always end up running for some shelter  
F#5                                  B5  
Some pick me up for when she puts me down  
B5                A5                  E5  
We were fighting winters along the seaside  
B5                A5               E5  
Wishing that our paths had never crossed  
G#5                                 A5  
You think you can hide me from the moonlight  
F#5                                   B5  
But I?ll escape before the gates get locked  

E5               B5          A5  
I don?t have to follow you down  
E5                   B5         A5  
No I don?t have to follow you down  
E5               B5            F#5  B5  
I don?t have to follow you, down   
B5                 A5           E5  
Girl you look so happy in the sunlight  
B5                  A5                E5  
You start changing as the daylight fades  
G#5                                   A5  
Sometimes I stop and wonder what I?m doing  
F#5                            B5  
I always stop and wonder why I stay  
C#5                       A5  
You?re calling my name as I?m walking out the door  
C#5                          A5                  B5  
It sounds the same just like every time before, hey... 
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