• Song:

    Mary, Mary

  • Artist:

    Micky E The Motocars

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D5  A5  G5  D5  A5  G5   
D5               A5           G5           A5 
Do you wanna go all the way honey I can tell 
D5       A5                     G5 
Are you lookin for someone to talk to 
D5               A5               G5 
Do you want someone to hold you close  
             E5                 A5 
So you can remember just how it feels 
       D5        A5             G5             A5 
So you lost the only one that you have ever loved 
D5       A5                   G5 
You got married right outta high school 
D5          A5      G5       A5 
Bought the house, settled down 
D5            A5                   G5  
Thought that things were comin? ?round 

D5     A5    G5  
Mary, Mary what went wrong 
D5           A5                G5  
To make you feel the way you do 
D5         A5          G5                      E5 
You don?t have to go on lonesome unless you want to 
           A5                             D5 
And if you want to there?s nothin? I can do  
You found out about his wild side 
And hurt you more than he could know 
It was the one thing he could not fix 
So you walked straight out the door 
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