• Song:

    Miserable Year

  • Artist:

    Micky E The Motocars

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G                     Am     C                           D  
Started out with her leaving, she said she wasn?t coming back  
G                         Am       C                           D  
It left my heart sorely grieving , just how do you deal with that  
G                            Am      C                                   D  
Then my roommate said he was moving, he had fallen in love and that was a fact  
G                              Am  
So we went down to play at the station  
        C                                               D  
And we got so drunk they said they didn?t ever want us back  
Refr?o -------------
Bm                             G  
Yeah the new year just barely started  
Am                        C               D  
And I don?t know what the hell I?m doing here  
Bm                      G  
Things turn upside down so damn fast 
 Am C D G  
Well it looks like it?s gonna be another hard miserable year
G                          Am     C                                 D  
Uncle Sam sent for all my money, and he damn near put me in the hole  
G                                                 Am  
My friends all laughed, yeah they thought it was funny  
         C                                             D  
I only had a dollar to my name when I finally got back home  
G                          Am  
Summer flew by and it was crazy 
             C                                                 D  
Filled with car wrecks and breakups and things I?d rather not say  
G                             Am  
So I just sit back and keep dreaming 
        C                                                D  
Of the good times I?ve had and the ones that are on the way  
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