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    Micky E The Motocars

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D5                 E5          A5  
You can keep that diamond ring that I gave you 
         D5                    E5                    G5     A5 
Keep the boat, the house, the clothes, the dog, the car 
           E5             G5             A5 
Everything that we bought from the very start 
      G5                      A5            D5 
And I tell you what, you can even have my heart 
Refr?o -------------
              E5            G5                A5  
Cause I won't need it after all the hell you put me through 
            D5           E5               G5      A5  
Yeah, It'll be awhile before I can love again 
        E5              G5                  A5 
All the ripping and the tearing you did to my insides 
           G5               A5             D5  
Well, It's safe to say you took me for a ride


Bridge 1: 
          B5                                G5 
Well, I?m sure that you won?t come crawling back to me 
    B5                         G5  
And sure that you won?t try to call 
      B5                            G5 
Don?t send your little brother over to collect anything 
              E5                 A5              D5 
Cause there?s nothing here, you already have it all 
Bridge 2: 
             E5                            G5 
Well there?s one thing that I am dealin? besides the pain 
         E5                A5                      D5 
That you promised that I?d never have to see you again 

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