• Song:

    Which Way From Here

  • Artist:

    Micky E The Motocars

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Intro: G  C9  G  C9   
G                        C9 
Well I didn't come home again 
G                    C9 
And I wasn?t with my friends 
G                   C9 
I was busy drinkin' gin 
G                       C9 
Tryin to sort thru everything 
D                         C 
Everything that we'd been thru 
D                           C 
And everything we've had to do 

           G                         C9 
To make it work, did a couple years apart 
G                C9 
You was ?? in my job 
G                 C9 
Chasin? crazy ass dreams 
G                   C9  
We almost lost everything 
D                         C 
Everything that we worked for 
D                             C 
Kept me from walking out your door 
And now God I wish I could 

Refr?o -------------
Em            C9 
Cause I don't care 
Em                  C9 
And I prob'ly never will 
Em                          C9 
Looks like I've lost you my dear 
D              G 
Which way from here

G          C9      D 
You didn't tell me anything 
D                     G 
And I tell you you're wrong 
G             C9     D    
Cause I can't deal with this right now 
D                          G  
I?m so sorry but honey I'm gone 
G     C9             D  
I say it worked out for better or worse 
          G                     C9               D  
You see I knew all along that I knew you'd leave me first 

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