• Song:

    Which Way From Here

  • Artist:

    Micky E The Motocars

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Intro: G5  C5  G5  C5   
G5                        C5 
Well I didn't come home again 
G5                    C5 
And I wasn?t with my friends 
G5                   C5 
I was busy drinkin' gin 
G5                       C5 
Tryin to sort thru everything 
D5                         C5 
Everything that we'd been thru 
D5                           C5 
And everything we've had to do 

           G5                         C5 
To make it work, did a couple years apart 
G5                C5 
You was ?? in my job 
G5                 C5 
Chasin? crazy ass dreams 
G5                   C5  
We almost lost everything 
D5                         C5 
Everything that we worked for 
D5                             C5 
Kept me from walking out your door 
And now God I wish I could 

Refr?o -------------
E5            C5 
Cause I don't care 
E5                  C5 
And I prob'ly never will 
E5                          C5 
Looks like I've lost you my dear 
D5              G5 
Which way from here

G5          C5      D5 
You didn't tell me anything 
D5                     G5 
And I tell you you're wrong 
G5             C5     D5    
Cause I can't deal with this right now 
D5                          G5  
I?m so sorry but honey I'm gone 
G5     C5             D5  
I say it worked out for better or worse 
          G5                     C5               D5  
You see I knew all along that I knew you'd leave me first 

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