• Song:

    Bedlam Bridge

  • Artist:

    Midnight Oil

  • Album:

    Oil From the Outback

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From luko@informatik.uni-rostock.de (Kai Lukoschek)
Subject: Bedlam Bridge - Oils
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL9]
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1993 09:56:48 GMT

H stands for B in America
B stands for Bm.
C stands for Cm.
cis stands for C#m.
Cis stands for C#... and so on.

The notation C(G" F" E" D" C") means you play C major plus the line
g" f" e" d" c", where g" means the note g on the upper E string etc.

Bedlam Bridge - Midnight Oil

In this city with no footpath there's a building with no people
There is crime and gun decisions.

There's a street of heat and hawlers, there's a house of hope and drifters
There's a gang that shoots then listens

There's a place that knows no poverty, a town without pollution
There's a soul with good intentions

There are canyons full of movie stars, churches made of metal
There are mountains made of muscle

We have leaders who are anxious we have captains not courageous
Captains tumbling into madness

But there's a man who makes no enemies

A body never breathless
No ambition ever hopeless

Up on bedlam bridge somebody is waiting
Up on bedlam bridge I'm shot to heaven
Fis                     Gis
Oh up on bedlam bridge waiting

(same chords)
In these locked and shackled neighbourhoods
Nridge and tunnel diplomats
See the golden ghetto's creeper

Crazy flags from history, songs for the White House gangsters
Guns for hellgate railway sleepers

But there's a man...

  E                             A
So how stands the city on this winter's night?
    E                           D
The city on the hill or so they said
    E                               B
The snow is falling down around the armbury
    C                           G  D
The city's closing in around my head

Up on bedlam bridge...

Drive - drive the engines harder - drive

Up on bedlam bridge...

Drive drive drive

Won't you turn the engines over - drive
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