• Song:

    Landslide Of Love

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Double Take - Newsboys

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			     Landslide Of Love - Newsboys

Tabbed by: Nathan G.  Hey everyone; this is my first tab, so I decided I would start out 
with a relatively easy song.  It also happened that no one else had tabbed it yet, so 
here it goes!

Email: stripeythecrab@gmail.com.

Tuning: Standard eBGDAE

Ae|--------------------0--| (x02220@1)B|--------------------2--|

* This part is played during the verses when you go into an A chord.  It's optional 
really, but this is how it is played in the song.


AOpening (x02220@1)salvo

ADidn't (x02220@1)help solve anything

A (x02220@1)           DEvery (xx0232@1)time we shout our rights out

E (022100@1)                 AWe (x02220@1)get all grouchy and gray

AIt's (x02220@1)all about me, me

AIt's (x02220@1)all about what I can take

A (x02220@1)                 DAnd (xx0232@1)if that doesn't ring true anymore

E (022100@1)                       AMaybe (x02220@1)it was our first mistake

A (x02220@1)                  DAnd (xx0232@1)since we don't believe in Santa Claus

E (022100@1)                   AMaybe (x02220@1)we'd best stay awake


A (x02220@1)          DEvery (xx0232@1)time a teardrop falls

D (xx0232@1)                         F#mIt's (244222@1)kicking up dust in our world of pain

F#m (244222@1)                    ELet's (022100@1)get drenched under God's good rain

E (022100@1)                      ACaught (x02220@1)in a deluge of mercies

A (x02220@1)           DLike (xx0232@1)a pebble clings to dirt

D (xx0232@1)                     F#mWe're (244222@1)still clinging to bedrock sin

F#m (244222@1)                   ELet's (022100@1)get swept off our feet again

E (022100@1)                      ACaught (x02220@1)in a landslide of love


AIt's (x02220@1)all about me, me

AIt's (x02220@1)all about all I can take

A (x02220@1)               DThe (xx0232@1)good I try to do goes nowhere

E (022100@1)                     AThe (x02220@1)bad just seizes the day

A (x02220@1)                   DAnd (xx0232@1)if we're here for something bigger, baby

E (022100@1)                          AThere's (x02220@1)gotta be some better way



DNo, (xx0232@1)not angels or devils

ANo, (x02220@1)not famine or war

DNo, (xx0232@1)not the past or the present

D (xx0232@1)          F#m (244222@1)      E (022100@1)              ANot (x02220@1)even the ground separates from God's love

A (x02220@1)          F#m (244222@1)      E (022100@1)            ANot (x02220@1)even the ground separates from His love



| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| B   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| B   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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