• Song:

    Joy To The World A Christmas Prayer

  • Artist:

    Nicholas Jonas

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Okay. I never thought I'd learn to play something by any artist that had
anything to do with the name "jonas", but this has to be their only good
song. It's amazing. I've simplified it some because this was originally
written for piano, and some of the chord changes aren't necessary. Yes,
they sound nice, but with how hard I found it, myself being maybe at a low
intermediate level, they aren't really needed and don't change the way the
song sounds much if at all. If you would like the chords for the "more
advanced" version, email me and I'll send it to you when I get the
chance. :]

P.S. I know these chords are accurate because I have the sheet music.

EADGBe, Capo 1st fret

Intro: C(add2), F(add2) [4 beats per chord]

C (x32010@1)                          FEvery (133211@1)year at Christmas, all I can see 
    C (x32010@1)                            FAre (133211@1)pictures of the things I want around the tree 
         Dm (xx0231@1)            C/EBut (x3111x@5)this year's a little different 
        F (133211@1)         AmI'm (x02210@1)not thinking of myself 
      F (133211@1)                   
So my prayer for this Christmas 
   C/G (3x555x@1)        GIs (320003@1)for somebody else 

   Gsus (3x0013@1)name="chord_320003@1">G
So I    pray 
C (x32010@1)        G/CJoy (2431xx@7)To the World 
Am7 (x02010@1)           FPeace (133211@1)for every boy and girl  

C (x32010@1)                             FGod (133211@1)I know you're listening and you can hear 
C (x32010@1)                                FThe (133211@1)need of every broken heart and all their tears
        Dm (xx0231@1)          C/EI (x3111x@5)don't have a lot to offer
          F (133211@1)        Am (x02210@1)Just this one simple prayer 
          F (133211@1)                      
That this Christmas everyone would know 
    C/G (3x555x@1)GSomebody (320003@1)cares... 

   Gsus (3x0013@1)name="chord_320003@1">G
So I    pray 
C (x32010@1)        G/CJoy (2431xx@7)to the world 
Am7 (x02010@1)           FPeace (133211@1)for every boy and girl  
C (x32010@1)               G/BHope (143121@7)when life is hard 
Am7 (x02010@1)           FLight (133211@1)when everything seems dark 

  Dm7             C/EI (x3111x@5)pray that every hungry soul 
        F (133211@1)             C/EWill (x3111x@5)be fed and will be warm 
           Dm7        C/EThat (x3111x@5)not a single solitary child 
      FWould (133211@1)suffer harm 

Dm7                       C/EAnd (x3111x@5)wars would find their ending 
      F (133211@1)          C/EAs (x3111x@5)we take another view
Dm7                  C/E (x3111x@5)My hope is that this Christmas prayer 
      F (133211@1)          Gsus (3x0013@1)name="chord_320003@1">G [Gsus, G: 1 beat per chord]
Would somehow come tru--e 

Bb  C/Bb
  I pray
  F (133211@1)    Bb (x1333x@1)    C/Bb
Humanity   would rise 
    G/A (320203@1)AAnd (x02220@1)join with me 
      G/A (320203@1)A (x02220@1)And togeth-er we'll sing 

Woah, woah
D (xx0232@1)         AJoy (x02220@1)[To the World] To all the world 
Bm7 (x20202@1)           GPeace (320003@1)for every boy and girl
              D (xx0232@1)               ATalking (x02220@1)'bout hope when life is hard
Bm7 (x20202@1)           GLight (320003@1)when everything seems dark 

  Em7             D/F#I (200232@1)pray that every hungry soul 
        G (320003@1)             D/F#Will (200232@1)be fed and will be warm 
           Em7        D/F#That (200232@1)not a single solitary child 
      G (320003@1)    Bm7Would (x20202@1)suffer harm 

    Em7                 D/F#And (200232@1)Lord, we find their ending 
      G (320003@1)          D/F#As (200232@1)we take another view
          Em7               D/F# (200232@1)So now my hope is that this Christmas prayer 
      G (320003@1)          AWould (x02220@1)somehow come true 

D (xx0232@1)        AJoy (x02220@1)To the World 
Bb (x1333x@1)            GPeace (320003@1)for every boy and girl

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