• Song:

    I Do Dear I Do

  • Artist:

    Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

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Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Song: I Do, Dear, I Do
Album: "The Boatman's Call" demo

C (x32010@1)              EmI (022000@1)wish you happy christmas
FI (133211@1)do dear, I do
DmI (xx0231@1)wish for you the stars, babe
GI (320003@1)wish for you the moon
EmYou (022000@1)can sit, and you can drink your champagne
AmWith (x02210@1)your gibbering gum
DmI (xx0231@1)hope he's being good to you
GI (320003@1)do dear, I do

Ain't no whirlwind below your wing
Wish that you will keep safe
Up there in your leather babe
With your ivory and (?)

Things down here are fragmatic
Fragmatic, exploding all over the room
I think everything's a little off-center, babe
I do dear, I do

You said, that to love me you must set me free
Now, that may all be very well
Still I miss you baby
More than words can ever tell

Sometimes I can not sleep
The greatness of my hate for you
Sometimes I can not sleep
For I miss you

Your Davey is bright as the eyes
The girl at the hive wants you
May your sun be happy yellow, babe
And your sky be baby blue

I miss your manic scratches
And your howling at the moon
Ten steps behind me
With your dustpan and bird

I hope you wish for me
All the things I wish for you
Health, hope and happiness
The sun and the moon

Say hello to the one
Who really don't have a clue
I'll be calling you soon
I think I love you

I do dear, I do.

transcribed by Stefan B.

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