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    Father To A Sister A Though

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Intro: G  Dm  C

Rotten device, I'll say it twice
Dm             C                   G
Unto much and too much comfort in here
Dm              C
Cost too much, too much to relieve you
Everywhere eyes no where to die
Dm           C                    G
No place to shove your sharpened heel
Dm            C
I'm looking, looking for an
Em              Am                 G
Italian Face in case you wanted to go
 Dm          C      Am             G
I know, I'm reeling in to the end

( G Dm C )

Call and rebuff talking so tough
Dm              C           G
Good bye to the ugly steepl here
Dm             C
Good times for ever after
I'm just a man, you see who I am
Dm                       C
I find with my hooks and open my books
Dirty blacke cloud
Dm        C 
Angel of Corpus Christi
Em              Am                     G
You're so misty tell me what I want to hear
  Dm         C      Am   G
I know, I'm reeling in
  Dm         C      Am       G
I know, I'm reeling into the end.

( G Dm C Am )

Riff final
e------------------------------------------------ | 
b------------------------------------------------ | 
g------------------------------------------------ | 
d-----5---5-3-3-------------5---5-3-3------------ | 
a---------------5-3-5-5-3-3---3------------------ | 
e-3-3---3-----------------------------5-3-5-5-3-- | 

      G - 320033
      Dm- xx0231
      Em- 022000
      C - x32010
      Am- x02210
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