• Song:

    Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me

  • Artist:

    Pearl Bailey

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A5   D5  A5     C5    B5 C5 B5 
Ma,      he's making eyes at  me,  
E5  C5 E5     C5  A5 B5 A5  E5 
Ma,        he's awful nice to   me. 
A5   A5   C5   A5    E5    F5  E5 
Ma, he's al - most breaking my  heart - 
E5 F5 B5  E5 
I'm   be - side him ,  
A5     F#5    B5       F5   E5 
Mercy let his conscience guide him. 
A5   D5  A5    C5     B5   C5 B5 
Ma,       he wants to mar - ry  me, 
E5     D5    C#5 
Be my honey bee; 
A5     F#5   B5      E5 
Every minute  he gets bolder,  
A5        F#5     D5    C5 
Now he's leaning on my shoulder - 
D5  C5       E5     A5    D5  A5 
Ma,     he's kissing me.
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