• Song:

    Fine Is Fine

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    On The Ground

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Capo on 3th fret

  C"(pink first on 3th fret of the lowest e string, then on 1st, then normal C5 chord)2x 
                      F5     G5       C5
Talk over, talk over every little sound
 C"             F5        G5          C5
Gone 20 on 30, can't we just be friends
F5                        C5   C5
So you're looking for a ride
F5                      C5     C5
Saw you coming up the side
F5                        C5          C5           A5      
Lean your head upon the window for a while and take it out

verse 2 follows the same chord progression as verse 1

Who sent you, who made you, why you looking around
Who caught you, who kept you, kept you for a while
So you're going for a ride
Say I'm boiling up inside
But if you're going then come on and choose a side because it's getting tired, tired

Love's leaving, ice breaking,
Why's it always fine
Why's it always feel fine
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