• Song:

    Bugg Superstar

  • Artist:

    Smashing Pumpkins

  • Album:

    Rarities and B-Sides

Bugg Superstar
Words and Music by James Iha.
Standard Tuning: E A D G B E

Chord Fingerings:
   Am G  F  Em 
E| 0  3  1  0
B| 1  3  1  0
G| 2  0  2  0 
D| 2  0  3  2
A| 0  2  3  2
E| x  3  1  0

|F |Em |Am |G |>play this for the entire song.

Here are the lyrics from Vieuphoria:

Bugg  Bugg Superstar

What else can I say about my dog Bugg.  Well, he's a little crazy, but I guess we all are.
We've done a lot of growing in the last five years.  Bugg is a friend, a companion, and a
dog.  I too have grown mentally and spiritually over the last few years becoming a strong,
responsible adult.  In the wake of the success of the band, Bugg and I are often torn apart
by fame.  He understands this and still cares, for he is a strangely perceptive dog.  This 
bike I ride with Bugg along side is but a metaphor for the future.  We don't know where
we're going, when we'll get there, but we're happy doing it together.  This is the story of
Bugg and I.
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