• Song:

    Promises Broken

  • Artist:

    Soul Asylum

  • Album:

    Grave Dancers Union/Let...

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Intro: E5 Ab5 F#5 B5

 E5                               A5 
Street are filled with broken glass
you get buried by the past, give me just
           E5                       B5
a little taste, lay this mess to waste,
Take me home. 
 E5                          A5 
My mind is racing take me home, my body's
aching so alone, I'll make you want to stay
      E5                      B5              E5
with me befriended by the enemy, one more time

 E5                                      Ab5 
Every little thing about you tells me nothing out
there is ever gonna help me all these words that
              B5                       E5
I hear spoken - just promises broken now
 G5                                     C5
Looking outside from the window sill throw another
coin in the wishing well,  you'll never find what
      C5       A5  D5          A5 
your looking for, 15 miles your dim light shines
        D5         B5        E5        B5
from so far away, your sad smile, is all I see
when I say

E5               A5                                              
From the hotel satellite don't look like you're livin'
A5                            E5
right here's a deal you can't refuse, you ain't got as
        B5        E5                              Ab5 
much to lose ----Can you tell your troubles to someone
                        F#5          B5     E5
who won't laugh at you, It's alright.     And as I watch
               Ab5                          F#5         B5
you walk away hope a part of you will stay, it's alright

REPEAT CHORUS ONCE and you're through!

In the breaks between verses, the little hammer is

just A to B. On the A string: open then second fret

The little run before "Looking outside from the window.."
is just C5 - B5 - A5 - D5
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