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    Swallow My Pride

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This is the first time I am actaully posting chords to this internet site. 
I'm not sure about the lyrics.  But the song is "Swallow My Pride" by
Soundgarden off of their Fopp EP.  I believe Chris Cornell wrote it.  I am
not totally sure though.  And I believe it goes like this:

The intro begins with the chords: F#, A
      (I'm not sure if they are power chords but I play them barred by 
       hitting the top four strings)

Then the singing comes in:

      She looks at me with dignity
      She says there's something that you've got to see...

Basically the chords for the verses are F#, A, F#, A, E, A, E, A repeated two

Then F# , A , B , F# - A - F# is played at the "ahhh..." part

The chorus is simply:

       F#                  A B  (I'm not sure about the B chord being there)
      Now I wouldn't mind
      You can swallow my pride...

Then it goes to the E chord and stays there until it goes back into the verse

And that's it
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