• Song:

    The Scourge Of The Black Spot

  • Artist:

    Sounds Like Chicken

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A5               E5
As we set out on the seas
      A5                E5
Our sails and spirits high
     A5           E5
All hands to the deck
            F5              E5
The Jolly Roger's in the sky
A5            E5
Pillaging and plundering
    A5             E5
Is what we do for fun
     A5                 E5
And when the bootie's counted
        F5                 E5
We'll drown ourselves in rum

D5 A5           E5               A5
Woah! You'll be swinging by the neck
D5 A5   E5             A5
Woah! High above the deck
D5 A5             E5             A5
Woah! Spill your blood into the sea
D5 A5      E5 -
Woah! A pirate's life for me

(Pirates talking interlude thing)
A5 , E5 , A5 , E5 , A5 , E5 , F5 , E5

    A5                  E5
We attack this peaceful haven
         A5                  E5
We will scourge and we will slaughter
       A5              E5
We'll raise it to the ground
            F5                    E5
And we'll steal the governer's daughter
   A5                 E5
To fight the dread of scurvy
    A5                 E5
We each will down ye orange
         A5             E5
And we'd battle to the death
         F5              E5
For our Captain Peghead Borange!
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