• Song:

    Motor City Man

  • Artist:

    South Austin Jug Band

  • Album:

    South Austin Jug Band

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A                       C#m       F#m               
All they said, don't disturb your head 
D         E       A 
About the work we do 
A                        C#m        F#m 
Just stay in school, someday you'll do 
D       E        A 
What we couldn't do 
    A                  C      D 
But run boy run in the summer sun 
On a summer day 
    A                          C             D 
You know what you know and you can't wait to grow 
   G          E  
Be on your way 
             A                  C#m          F#m 
I could only understand that my dad's a good man 
         D    E  A 
And he's glad payday 

    A                 C#m        F#m     
Now high school plan, be a motor city man 
D       E        A 
Working night or day 
   A                          C#m    F#m 
No matter who you are, you've got to have a car  
D      E A 
In the USA 
A                              C          D 
Something aint right about the billboards filing  
Down the big highway 
    A                     C            D 
Now hard times again, and good working men 
            G           E 
Are sittin? home all day 
            A                            C#m          F#m 
I know this plant's closing down and I'm leaving this town 
        D    E  A 
I'll be gone payday 

         A                                C          D 
Yeah the red lights and green lights that lighted my home 
Are gonna light my way 
    A                       C            D 
Goodbye to the park and the corner after dark 
        G             E  
Where I lost my faith 
                  A                    C#m    F#m 
Let the factories all fall down to the mother ground 
        D    E  A  
I'll be gone payday 
Yeah, I've done all I can I'm a Motor city man 
And I'm on my way 
Said I'm on my way 
I said I'm on my way
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