• Song:

    Random Act Of Kindness

  • Artist:

    South Sixty Five

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E5                                     C5 
I picked up the morning paper  
 C5                                      G5 
The headlines were no surprise 
 E5                                         C5       
A random act of senseless violence 
                G5                        D5 
Was committed again last night 
                                A5                     E5 
It seems the whole world has gone crazy 
  B5                                        C5 
And something needs to be done 
So starting to day im gonna find a way 
         D5                     D5 
Im gonna re pay someone 
With a random act of senseless kindness 
Unexpected hand to help remind us 
                        D5                        D5 
A little bit of love is a cure for hate 
                       G5                                 D5 
Its easy to give up, but its never to late 
A single step in the right direction 
Person to person making a connection 
We can change the world thats become so violent 
                            C5            D5              G5 
With a random act of senseless kindness 

 E5                                  C5 
How I long to live the simple life 
When neighbors were still friends 
                       E5                       C5 
And the sidewalks heading downtown 
             G5                         D5 
Were safe to walk back then 
                   A5                       E5 
Oh the classrooms and the schoolyards 
B5                              C5 
Were havens for our kids 
Well thats a long way back 
And we can get on track  
            D5               D5 
Its a good day to begin 
(repeat chorus 2 times second time play single guitar and fade)
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