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Intro: A5 - G5 - A5

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
Is anything's for real
I'm patiently waiting, for tides to trun
       C#5                     F#5
We need to have a pathway, a mountain to to climb
We need a world, that has laughter all the time
F5             E5
Laughter all the time (3x)


A5                  F5                      E5
Show me and tell me,why the world no longer smiles
A5                    F5              E5             
Show me and tell me, could the fashion be peace for a while

Is there any difference, between me and you
D5                    G5
My eyes are brown, and yours are too
The sun we greet each morning
Is always brught adn new
 D5                    G5
It's rays of love are shared, by me and you
D5                 E5
Shared by me and you (3x)

(Repeat chorus)
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