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Intro:  C# - Cm 4x
Chorus: (Do cp C#-Cm )
Ooh . . . baby boy
When you wrap your arms around me
You rock my world
Ooh . . . baby boy
Honey suckin sweet lovin all day
Baby (3x)
Refrain: (Do cp C#-Cm )
So soft and smooth
As any girl could be
Those stylish moves and curves of your body
Grooving, bumpin, dancing to this beat
Get your booty down on me
Verse: ( Do cp C#-Cm )
Boom , when you stepped into the room
Time stood still like
I'm walking on the moon
I've been checking you out, you so tight
When you lookin at me, feels so right
Is this real, what I'm feeling, what am I to do
I be trippin
First I saw you then I felt you
Now I got you, it seems crazy though
But it's true hahah . . .
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Refrain)
Verse: ( Do cp C#-Cm )
Love the way you laugh when we tickle
Love the way you sound when we giggle
Love the way you talk and your pretty face
And all you expressions
Love the way you taste you a dish
You a temptation girl I can't resist
I can't believe that I'm yours and you are mine
We got sweet love till the end of time
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
(Repeat Refrain)
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