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A5  D5  A5  D5

E5                 D5           G5
Look out my window snow flakes fall
  C5            D5       C5           G5
A voice down inside me beckons and calls
E5                D5              G5
Keep my eyes open learn from the past
C5            D5           C5        G5    G/f#   E5
Look towards tomorrow to fufill a task
C5           D5               C5                     D5
Will you follow me   we can learn from each other share what is true
     E5                          A5
If I stumble and fall then we're headed for bad times
E5                 A5                            E5
You'd be around to give me the strength pull my feet of the ground
A5                                                 E5  A5    E5  A5  E5
Circle can't be broken till the last words spoken
E5                             D5           G5
Know how it feels when there's no where to go
     C5             D5      C5             G5
Just make yourself lonely make yourself old
    E5                       D5        G5
And late in the night when I needed a friend
  C5              D5              C5        G5    G/f#    E5
I reached out to touch you  you found me again
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