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B5                      E5
Maybe just a little more time

         A5            D5             C#5            D5
When the winter snows melt and it's spring and who knows
I hope the sun is a-shinin'
You ain't a-pinin' for someone you love
'Cause ain't it just about right
When you get a night and there's stairlight above
              C#5                     D5
Yeah, and the moon's comin' over your shoulder
        B5              E5
And oh, how you want to hold her
Well, love is just in bloom
Move over, give him some room
Let him take us to places unknown
There's more to be shown and soon
            D5         C#5           D5
When you're wonderin' what you been doin'
B5                        E5
Maybe just a little more time

When we really do believe in each other through you
Lord, take us by the hand
So we understand the meaning of love
We've grown so far apart (We've grown)
Nowhere to start or try to make up (So far apart)
The peace we could come to, to see by
The answer is simply we just try

     A5                        D5
Mmm , mmm , mmm (ooh, ooh, ooh) Mmm , mmm , mmm (ooh, ooh, ooh) (repeat and fade)

by: Jos? Duarte
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