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    Southern Storm

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D5                             A5
Blink in your eye is shining now
And your look is searching around
        B5   A5
Like my own

Your answer to my question's known
Cause your hope in me has long time gone
And I'm still just another abnormal form

Life is not dream at all
It is just a filthy war
It is just a pain of soul

So squeeze the beauties from the life
Cause life is just passing by
Another town in a cosmic tour

Like a mother to a child
E5   F5  G5      A5
You gave me the strength and you know I'll die
         C5                         B5   A5  A5 B5 C5 D5
But I'm still just another abnormal form

Why all the questions leave the trace
Cause in my head your answers are pain
In my heart your word is blade

D5 -57765
A5  577655
C5  -35553
B5  -13331
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