• Song:

    The Big Time

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    The Drowners

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Main Riff (not entirely correct, but close)
----0-----------0--------0------0------------------ | 
---1-1----3----1-1-----3--3p1--1-1----1---------0-- | 
--2------4-4--2-------2-2-----2------2-2----2-1---- | 
-2------5---2--------4-------3------2------3---2--- | 
-------5----------3s5--------------0------3------2- | 
-----------------------------------------1--------0 | 

A5 G5 A5 D5 F5 A5 F5 E5

A5              G5    A5           D5
I watch the slow hand kill the day
F5           A5      F5    E5
I see my starring role tick away

(repeat the chords)

I watch the skyline for him to come
And when he comes along we'll be gone...

( B-3s5-3s5)

                A5          G5       D5     F5
... And We'll go into the city, into the light
Bb5                      A5        F5        E5
We'll be there in the headlines, there overnight

       A5          E5         F5        E5
'Cos this is the big time, this is the way
Bb5               A5               F5        E5
Now he's in the big time, he'll show you the way
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