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    To The Sea

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During the A chord try to experiment around with Asus chords. Actually
the piano plays something like this:

e- | -O----------------- | 
B- | -X---3---2---O----- | 
G- | -2---2---2---2----- | 
D- | -2---2---2---2----- | 
A- | -O---O---O---O----- | 
E- | ------------------- | 

Verse 1:

She can walk out anytime,
                     D5                E5
anytime she wants to walk out, that's fine
She can walk out anytime,
                       F5                   E5
anytime she feels that life has passed her by.


A5                   C#5
And when I start my new life
D5                           E5
I won't touch the ground
A5                  C#5
I'm gonna try hard this time
       D5                E5      Eaug
not to touch the grou____nd.

Verse 2 (same chords as Verse 1):

He can walk out anytime,
anytime he wants to walk out that's fine.
He can walk out anytime,
across the sand, into the sea, into the brine.

(when Brett sings "into the sea" the guitar sets in - please tab this!)

Chorus repeated (same words and chords)

Verse 3 (same chords as Verse 1):

So we sold the car and quit the job
and shook some hands and wiped the make-up right off
And we said our good-byes to the bank
left Seven Sisters for a room in a seaside shack.

Chorus repeated (same words and chords)

Eaug (still)  A5                C#5
It's by the   sea we'll breed
         D5                E5
Into the sea we'll breed      (repeat some times...)


E5        A5
Into the sea.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Don't hesitate to contact me!
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