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Transcribed by: Brad Heim



e---------------------------------------- | 
B---------------------------------------- | 
G--------------0-1-0--------------------- | 
D----0--0-0--2-------2-0-2-0------------- | 
A---------------------------------------- | 
E---------------------------------------- | 

Chords behind riff
G5  D5  C5 C5

D5               G5
This is where the line is
         C5     G5          D5
That I've drawn across the sand
D5                  G5
And this is where my heart aches
C5          G5      D5
Unaware and in my hand

E5                C5
This is where it's gone
E5                  C5      G5   D5
This is where the heartache's goin' on
       C5      D5
I can go it alone

        G5    D5             C5   D5
I can't believe what you're saying
            G5  D5              C5              D5
I've got to leave for you're sailing on and on
        G5   D5          C5                    D5
I can't repeat what it's all about is wrong
        G5    D5
I can't believe what you're saying

(Intro riff 2x)

This is how the time goes
in an ordinary town
And this is how it all ends up
When you run the whole thing down

This is how it's gone
This is how it's already gone and I know
you keep going along
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