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Transcribed by Graham Takata

To acheive Bob Mould's sound play this song with layered acoustic and
electric guitars.  Also, take a look at the barre chords and note which
ones have the B and e strings open.

Chords:          A5    B5    F5    G5    E5    C5    F#5

      e----------0----0----1----3----0----0----2---- | 
      B----------0----0----1----3----0----0----2---- | 
      G----------6----8----2----4----1----(b9)---3---- | 
      D----------7----(b9)---3----5----2--- 10---4---- | 
      A----------7----(b9)---3----5----2--- 10---4---- | 
      E----------5----7----1----3----0----8----2---- | 

Intro:  A5  B5  A5  B5
        A5  B5  A5  B5

A5             B5         A5            B5
Don't you know I need a place to stay
A5           B5        A5   B5
Only fifteen bucks a day
I didn't want to end up here
But now I guess I need to stay

A5     B5
A5     B5

(second verse, same as the first!)

River red, runs like lead
And the smell of kerosene in my head
Stuck here in this shithole
Reading foreign magazines instead

A5        B5
A5        A5

"But senor, I only have ten dollars;
Can't you spare me a room for the night?"
   A5           G5            E5
We argue about currency and then
He says I can stay for the night

        E5      G5    C5     A5
In this Panama City Motel
G5 F#5 E5          G5         C5
I am out on the freeway again

A5     B5
A5     B5
A5     B5
A5     B5

(third verse)
A woman approaches in Barcelona
Walking down the Diagonalia
Spaghetti concrete overpasses
I keep grasping for something familiar


Repeat 2nd part of Chorus again
then follow the "A    B" rhythm while singing ad lib
"Oh No... Don't you know I need a place to stay"
the song finishes on a sustained A
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