• Song:

    Hate Every Beautiful Day

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Start Static

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Tabbed by: The Gummi King

I play it on Capo 3, but to play the notes from the tabs, it should be on Capo 4.

E5                 C5         G5
Something's gotta change again
        A5             E5           C5    G5     A5
I'm losing, my inspirations gone, oh no oh no
E5                   C5          G5
Seeing through some different eyes
        A5             E5             C5   G5     A5    
I can't find, my medications failed, again again

E5            C5
I can feel a change
       G5             A5
I can feel, can you feel it
E5              C5              G5              A5
See it on the street watching heat from the pavement

       E5    C5     G5       A5       E5    C5
Cause I'm here, ready to take it all here
 G5            A5       E5   C5
Everything's feeling unclear
   G5          A5
I wish it was raining
         G5          A5         E5
Cause I hate every beautiful day
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