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Tabbed by: Erka

Tuning: standard...or maybe my tuning is wrong..watever

      B5             F#5         E5
e | -------x---------------x-----------x----------- | 
B | -------7---------------2-----------0----------- | 
G | -------7---------------2-----------0----------- | 
D | -------7---------------2-----------0----------- | 
A | -------x---------------x-----------x----------- | 
E | -------7---------------2-----------0----------- | 

Take a life
    G5         E7M...G5                
and hold it underwater
B5             G5            E7M...G5
Wash the hands of all these things i've done
B5       G5            E7M...G5
If the body moves inside the closet
all we do is stare
while she's in her underwear....

B5 , G5 , E5 , G7Mx3...B5 , G5 , E7M(let it ring)
ahh ahh ahhh....

(same as the other verse)
All the eyes 
On every sunday paper
Pictures of the horrid things i've done
If i didnt act on my addictions
then we couldnt stare
while she's in her underwear

ahh ahh ahh...

hah..that's purdy much it, laters
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