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    Morning And Airports

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Tuning :Standard

Intro: D5

   A5         F#5  
Oh,honey I know you're still asleep

          A5                   F#5  
It's seven thirty you won't even hear your phone ring

Mornings and airports drive me crazy

       B5                         A5
I'm hungry, sleepy, oh so lonley wake up soon

  D5          B5
By the time you wake up I'll be far away

 D5                     B5
As the plane warms up I wish that I could.


 A5     F#5       D5
Stay, because I belong with you

 A5      F#5        D5
A day away just too long

          A5           F#5        D5   
And this shirt I Have on is too big for me

       B5           F#5   G5
But your arms they fit me perfectly

 A5             F#5
The Tv's on, but no one's really watching

   A5                    F#5 
This hotel room is the last plae I want to be in

I Wanna sleep and wake up next to you

   B5                                           A5
And drown in how make me feel like love is something new

 D5                                B5           
Home is where you are it's just too far away right now, I wanna

(Repeat Chorus)
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