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    Where Do We Go

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Tuning :Standard

 C  D           G
Where do we go from here?

C - D - G - Em - D
The smell of your hair is intoxicating

You lean on me when the day is long and the nigt is cold

 C           D           G   
Sometimes it's hard not to worry

  C     D                G 
That it's me you open your eyes to

      C   D              G     D         Em 
Then you hold me, and I can't believe its true


 E   A/F#   D  
And here we are

  E      A/F#     D
Walking down this road

  E   A/F#   D               E - A/F#     
Now I finally know why everything fades out

       D                          E
All I ever wanted is right here with me

C    D       G      
I am where I wanna be

 C   D            G  
In a place where no longer

C      D     G D/F#    Em   
Can't tell from you and me

(Repeat Chorus)
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