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**Capo One** 
Intro: C  G  F  G (x2) 
C         G          F 
They say this town, stars stay up all night, well I 
C           G              F 
Don?t know, can?t see ?em , for the glow of the city lights 
C         G         F  
Long way from here to the place where the home fires burn 
C             G                 F 
Two thousand miles and one left turn 
C                  G 
Dear Mom and Dad, Please send money.  
F            G 
I?m so broke it ain?t funny 
C                      G                F     G 
Don?t need much just enough to get me through 
C                   G 
Please don?t worry I?m alright 
     F                   G 
I?m playin? here at the bar tonight 
Am                   G              F 
This time I?m gonna make my dreams come true 
   Dm                                 F 
I love you more than anything in the world 
 G                C  G  F  G
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