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intro  D/A D/G D/A G  x2
D/A             D/G
fifteen minutes left to throw me together
D/A              D/G
for mr.right now  not mr. forever
D/A                      D/G
dont know why i even try when i know how it ends
D/A                  D/G
lookin like another maybe we can be friends
Bm7/A       G                     G
i've  been leavin it up to fate
Bm7/A         G/A
its my life so its mine to make
D               A  
i aint settlin  for just gettin by 
Bm7               G
had enough so so  for the rest of my life
D                        A
tired of shootin too low so raise the bar high
Bm7                     G
just enough aint enough this time
G               A
i aint settlin for any thing less than everything

well some good red wine and my brand new shoes 
goona dance a blue streak around my living room
take a chance on love and try how it feels
with my heart wide open you know i will
find what it means to be the girl
who changed her mind and changed the world
chorus reapeats
guitar solo
   chorus chords repeat until end but ending goes
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