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Tabbed by: Yo1289

: E5         G5          A5         G5      B5    :

   E5                        G5                A5
      Don't you see you got no real reason to be here?
      G5            B5       E5
      Still you're standing still
                          G5             A5
      Movements from your lips form I'm leaving
      G5        B5      E5
      Will you wait? I will
          A5               G5           F5                 E5
      I'm tired since last night and I tried to do things right
               C5             A5
      Now it's time to start drinking
      because my head is shrinking

            E5               A5
      And I hate it when you go
                  D5          G5      B5
      Oh, I don't know why I always seems to
      E5               A5
      Hate it when you go
      Oh, when I know
                G5       B5     E5
      that it's time to let it go

      The days we spent in bed in the beginning
      We swore we'd never stop
      Moments that we had lost their meaning
      Now it's who's first to get up

      And I've tried since last night
      but nothing turned out right
      Now it's time to start drinking
      'Cause my head's shrinking
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