• Song:

    Thats The Way It Goes

  • Artist:

    The Bruisers

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  C				Em
When you?re in the valley of despair
C				    Em
Feels as though you always will be there			   	             F	
Let your heart be strong, though the road is long,
                  Bb    G/C
 there?s a way to go
C			            Em
Soon enough the path will start to rise,
C					 Em
To mountains high and clear and sunny skies.
			F			   F
The way will take you high, the way will take you low,
		  Bb    G/C
That?s the way it goes
 C			Em	    C
That?s the way it goes sometimes, things are going to work out
                    F			Fm
Rain will fall and then sun will shine again,
that?s the way it goes
C				      Em
And when the raging waters rush your way,
C				         Em
And it feels like you won?t last another day.
                   F	                     F
Let your heart be brave, the calming of the waves is nearer than you know
C			       Em    C		                   Em
Stormy days will be a distant dream floating in a still and quiet stream
		    F			    F			    Bb   G/C
The river will run fast, the river will run slow, that?s the way it goes

F	             Fm				  G
Life?s a mystery and we don?t always see God?s hand
 F			           Fm  			G/C
He?s the Lord of love and wonder, one day we will understand


these are the only two chords that need to be clarified, all the others are just the
chord shapes

C --3--      Bb  1----|
  1----          --3--|
 0-----          --3--|
  -2---          --3--|
  --3--          1----|
  -----          -----|
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