• Song:

    Final Answer

  • Artist:

    The Calling

  • Album:

    Camino Palmero + Bonus

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Final Answer Chords by Calling

1/2 Step Down

Intro & 1st Verse + Back guitar in the hole song

    G   D/F#  Em7    G
I want love 
To carry me through 
All the moments, I'd kindly undo 

Locked away 
So I can feel safe 
              D/F#        Em7
Now that I'm down on my knees, begging for change 

Look down at the water 
Before I jump in 
To find I was sinking fast, in all the might have been 

G       D/F# 
What I need now 
     Em7             Cadd9 
Is an honest answer, to make things better 
G       D/F# 
You can see now 
     Em7             Cadd9 
My hands are tied, and I surrender 
G       D/F# 
So I'll wait here 
         Em7                Cadd9 
For your final answer, your final answer 

Is there love without hate 
Is there pleasure without pain? 
I have seen all my mistakes 

I cast you out, but now, I want you back 
So light me again, 
Cause my heart is turning black 

What I need now ...

Am D/F# G Em7
Remember the night you wore that dress 
Am D/F# G
It flowed through out lips drink after drink, 
And kiss after kiss 
Am D/F# Bm7
I'm still holding on, day after day 
Don't run away 

I want love to carry me through ...
What I need now ...

Hope you understand me. Any cuestion just e-mail me. Please if someone know the correct 
tab of "Take Hold of Me" post it.
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