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Band - Cat Empire 
Track - The Crowd
Written - Harry Angus
Scribed - Catch 22

This is one of the more simple songs by The Cat Empire seeing as it's based on only two 
chords. Those Chords being I and V. 

Key - Gmaj
Time Signature - 4/4

The Song starts off with a rhodes piano theme that continues throughout the whole song and I 
the mean WHOLE song. No Bridge or any break. Even the Chorus is the same chord progression. 
But what's so amazing about it is their sense of timing and Rhythm. They keep completely 
in time with eachother throughout the whole piece, eventhough it's so slow. Cause it's 
harder to play slow than fast. Much harder.

Anyway here are your chords - 

It goes basically like this throughout the whole song with rapping over the top.

Here's one of the choruses. The melody is Tonal.

G                  Dmin
Lord unchain my hands
G                                Dmin
let me sing inside the crowded trams
G                               Dmin
let me dance among the traffic jams
G                    Dmin
we're going to sleep on the St Kilda sands

And the verse is much the same thing except rapping. (Atonal)

G |G |Dm| Dm|
Throughout the whole song. 
The riff is below.

Here's the Rhodes riff Unfortunately without Rhythm. But don't frown! 
Just listen to the 
recording and you'll get it.

G D Bb B D
G D Bb B D

(The Bb to B and the E to F are grace notes. They are up the octave. So a Flat 
Ten and Ten)
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