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The Cliks
Back In Style
by Michele Gutierrez

G                                Am                            Em
You...you captivated me and ... You, you infiltrated all I ...Knew... That 
you were trick and tried and ...True. I hate myself for having tried
You never meant a word you said. You know, you know, I never wanted it to 
be this way. I took your work, your alibis, your lies, your lies. Id never 
have it any other way. But now I run, I run and hide. I run, I run, I run. 
          G-Am    D-G
Its so cra-zy, bab-y. 


G                                        Am
You...You never played fair you were... Cruel
                         Em                                 Am
And calculated every... Move... Over because Im bullet... Proof... Nothing 

but misery, I tried
           G   Am   D
{Chorus, Dont say maybe, } 

Em           D
Youuu told lies, you said I was beneath you,
Em      Am
Compromise, was sitting at your table,
Em        G              C                Em(Stop)
So go on,.... go darling....I'm back in style

Ive done my time, I say good-bye.

Bridge: Am, D, Am, D, Am/D, Am/D, Am/D, Am/D, D
           G    Am   D
{Chorus, Dont say maybe,}

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