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Tuning DADGAE     Capo 4th fret

Havent a clue of the names of these chords so im gonna call em A, B, C, D and E

A : 000200
B : 440200
C : 222100
D : 990700
E : 770600

Intro : A, B, C x4

A         B                C
Listen dear theres so much to say
A                 B                      C
A thousand words couldnt help me explain
A          B                              C
I know youre scared and it wont be the same
A                     B          C
But I promise you Ill always remain
A                 B          C
The best of me is seen by your side
A                  B           C
The best of you I just cant decide
A                   B                   C
You seek the world such a traveler at heart
A                 B                     C
A thousand miles couldnt tear us apart

D                       C                                  B
So please dont go, my heart grows cold
At the thought youre out of sight
But never off my mind
                   C                                       B
And now I know, that the hardest part
                C                       A   (back into intro again)
Was just watching you go

*same chords for next verse and chorus that follow, enjoy :)

Listen dear please let me explain
Theres so much wrong but theres no one to blame
I find it hard that we left it so well
Its just a break not an end in itself
Im so naive that I thought Id be fine
Youre coming home in eight months time
And as they say it will make you so strong
But just a day is a day too long


oohhoohhohhoooohhh (use chords from intro)

Chorus x2
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