• Song:

    Hari Kari

  • Artist:

    The Cribs

  • Album:

    Ignore the Ignorant

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here are the chords that I use when playing Hari Kari by the cribs - from their 
new album ignore the ignorant - see my version here http://www.youtube.com/watch?
Intro  - D
         F                    Am
If you combine flattery  With a long history
 Dm                  C
Then there are no easy answers
       F                  Am
You hid your face, You hid your face in a place
 Dm                  C
Where there are no easy answers�
          F                                     Dm
In the name of everyone who met me  Am I supposed to commit Hari Kari?
         F     Am  Dm      C  
With sword in hand I face demands 
           F                             Dm
Delivered with the best intentions from the department of corrections\
       F    Am     Dm       C          F        Am         C
But who will tell my next of kin That tomorrow stands for nothing?
       F                             Am
It was years ago, it was years ago  Since you left us Alone
      Dm                       F        C
It was years ago, it was years ago

        F                                Am
And only time will show, only time will show
                          Dm                                   F        C
How much you mean to The world Only time will show It was years ago

Break - Dm
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