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"Tonight and Forever" by The Damnwells

Standard Tuning/Capo 1

It's hard to explain how to play the verses, but I'll do my best.
You're going to do the riff on the B string while strumming the chords.
You'll remove your pinky finger off the e string while you do this.
Obviously I don't have the exact number of strums, so listen for the changes.
e --3--------------------3------------------------|
B --0--1--3--1--0--------0--1--3--1--0------------|
G --0--------------------0------------------------|
D --0--------------------2------------------------|
A --2--------------------3------------------------|
E --3---------------------------------------------|

For the pre-chorus I like to mess around with the hammer-ons and pull-offs on the B 
string for the first chord and the e string for the second chord.
For the third time around make sure you hold the chords longer.
e ------2-------------|
B --1---3-------------|
G --2---2-------------|
D --2-----------------|
A --------------------|
E --------------------|

Chorus, not exactly sure what he plays right at the end though.
e --3---3---3--3---3--------|
B --3---3---3--3---3--------|
G --0---2---0--2---0--------|
D --0-------2------0--------|
A --3-------2------3--------|
E --------------------------|

e --3---3---3-------------|
B --3---3---3-------------|
G --0---2---0-------------|
D --2-------0-------------|
A --2-------3-------------|
E ------------------------|
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