• Song:

    Second Child Restless Child

  • Artist:

    The Oh Hellos

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Feel free to change if you feel like you found something better
Capo 2

C 2x Some Hammering here
C, Am, F, C
C          F               C
see, I was born the second child
       F              C             F            G
with a spirit running wild, running free
            C              F
and they saw trouble in my eyes

          F              C                F          G
they were quick to recognize the devil in me

C x4 
Am C F

           F                C
see, I was born a restless child
            F                 C            F           G
and I could hear the world outside calling me
           Am                C
and heaven knows how hard I tried
        Am              C             F            G        
but the devil whispered lies I believed

Am F C x2
can you hear it hanging on the wind?
Am            F                C               
can you feel it underneath your skin?

Am                                             C            
you've got to go on, further than you've ever gone
F                                             Am   C  F       
you've got to run far from all you've ever known        x4
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