• Song:

    Ill Never Need More Than This

  • Artist:

    Tina Turner

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D                  Em7        
Oh I love the songs you sing me
      D                Em7
And I love the love you bring me
           C     A7   C             A7
And you'll never know what I feel inside
      C    A7           C                  A7
I can only say that I'm all filled up with pride
       C  A7         C  A7  
Loving yooou, loving yooou

And I'll never need more than this 
Never need more than this
And I wish this could go on forever 
                   G   Em
And ever and ever again
F#m             B               Em
Don't let me go I love you so
F#m             B               Em  G  D
Don't let me go I love you so  Oooh

Oh I love what you do to me
Thoughts of love are going through    me 
It's the only way that i want to spend my time
And the only time I'm happy is when I'm 
Loving you Loving you


Instrumental verse and Chorus

G                  Em
Wish this could on forever (repeat and fade)

by Jos? Duarte
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