• Song:

    Ill Never Need More Than This

  • Artist:

    Tina Turner

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D5                  E5        
Oh I love the songs you sing me
      D5                E5
And I love the love you bring me
           C5     A5   C5             A5
And you'll never know what I feel inside
      C5    A5           C5                  A5
I can only say that I'm all filled up with pride
       C5  A5         C5  A5  
Loving yooou, loving yooou

And I'll never need more than this 
Never need more than this
And I wish this could go on forever 
                   G5   E5
And ever and ever again
F#5             B5               E5
Don't let me go I love you so
F#5             B5               E5  G5  D5
Don't let me go I love you so  Oooh

Oh I love what you do to me
Thoughts of love are going through    me 
It's the only way that i want to spend my time
And the only time I'm happy is when I'm 
Loving you Loving you


Instrumental verse and Chorus

G5                  E5
Wish this could on forever (repeat and fade)

by Jos? Duarte
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