• Song:

    Nutbush City Limits

  • Artist:

    Tina Turner

  • Album:

    The Platinum Collection

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Tom: A5

1. A church-house, inn-house, school-house, out-house,

    on highway number nineteen, the people keep the city clean.
                       C5                    G5
They call it Nutbush, oh, Nutbush,
they call it Nutbush city limits. Nutbush City.
2. Twenty-five was the speed limit, a motorcycle not allowed in it,

    you go t'the store on Fridays, you go to church on Sundays. + REFR.
3. You go t'the fields on weekdays, and have a picnic on Labour Day,

    you go to town on Saturdays, and go to church on Sunday. + REFR.
4. No whiskey for sale, you get drunk, no bail,

    salt pork and molasses is all you get in jail.   + REFRAIN 
5. A little town in Tennessee, a quiet little, old community.

    A one-horse town, you got to watch, what they're puttin' down.

+ REFRAIN ....
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