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Tabbed by: Stardog

            C                  Em
You've been lying in bed for a week now
C                        Em
Wondering how long it'll take
            C                          Em
You haven't spoken or looked at her in all that time
    C                                   Em
For that was the easiest line you could break

She's been going round her business as usual
Always with that melancholic smile
But you were too busy looking into your affairs
To see those tiny tears in her eyes


D    G   D            A
Tiny tears make up an ocean
     G   D           A
Tiny tears make up a sea
         G    D                 A
Let them pour out, pour out all over
               G   D         A
Don't let them pour all over me

How can you hurt someone so much you're supposed to care for
Someone you said you'd always be there for
But when that water breaks you know you're gonna cry, cry
When those tears start rolling you'll be back


You've been thinking about the time, you've been dreading it
But now it seems that moment has arrived
She's at the edge of the bed, she gets in
But it's hard to turn the opposite way tonight

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