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Intro: E5

    E5              A5                E5
The fire, the wine, the bed and you
    E5                A5                E5
In this crimson light I find the truth
    E5            A5                    E5
And the truth is like a punch or two
    E5            A5                     E5
It hits you hard it knocks you through

    C#5             A5                E5
So I get on the road and ride to you
  C#5             A5                E5
I get on the road and ride to you

  E5            A5                  E5
A kiss' like a fight that neither wins
  E5             A5              E5
A tender payment for our sins
    E5                  A5           E5
You are the drug that I can't quit
   E5               A5              E5
Your perfect chaos is perfect fit

    E5            A5              E5
From broken farm to broken farm
    E5            A5             E5
The engine noise like an alarm
    E5       A5                   E5
It breathes a thunder in my soul
    E5          A5                 E5
Begins to rise through the dustbowl

    E5                A5             E5
The wheel, it settles in my hands
    E5              A5         E5
This is the measure of a man
    E5           A5               E5
I point the car at north, at you
    E5               A5                     E5
My route has scarred the country through

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