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  • Artist:

    Tito Mina

  • Album:

    Sce: both in love

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Tabbed by:  Elizabeth Lingao Emiliano
            Berwyn, Illinois U.S.A.

(Capo on 3rd fret)

Intro:  C - Am - F - G (2x)
    C   Am F                G
   Honey,  what else can I do
      C                Am  
   If I can't tell you how I feel
    F              E7
   Let me sing to you
     Am              Am7   
   About the special way I get
       D             F
   Whenever you're around 
             Dm    F           G
   It maybe strange  but it's true.

    C   Am           F              G
   Honey,  there are other girls I know
        C   Am          F                E7
   But honey,  can you tell me why it's you
            Am                Am7
   And only you who makes me feel this way
   I just don't know how 
   F                 Dm   F          G
   I would make it through  without you.

 Am             Am7                  D
   But if your heart can't feel the same way
 F              G             C E7
   The way I'm feelin' about you
 Am               Am7            D
   Although it's hard I'll go on my way
 F                             G
   For I don't want you to be blue.

    C   Am F            G
   Honey,  if you only knew
    C              Am        
   How much better I feel now
    F                  E7
   That I've let you known
      Am            Am7
   I hope I didn't bring you down
        D               F                Dm F
   But then again this song is just for you
         G       C
   Only you, oh honey.

   C - Am - F - G - C
     Am  F    E7  Am Am7 - D - F - Dm - F - G
   Only you, yeah ooh

Repeat Refrain 
Repeat Last stanza

C - Am - F - G - C - Am - F - G - A
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