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C5               F5    C5
There is nothing I?ve ever done
                     G5       G5
I didn?t learn to be ashamed of.
   C5                        F5
No hope or no dream I won?t curse and demean.
   C5              G5             C5         F5
If that?s what it takes, that?s what I?ll do.
   C5              G5        C5
If that?s what it takes, I will.

C5               F5   C5
And I hope I never get my fill
                      G5          G5
pushing this boulder up on this hill,
     C5                          F5
when we get to the top we?ll be taking a spill.
   C5     G5          C5      F5
Every time?s like the first time.
  C5      F5        C5
Every time is the same.

    G5                              G5
And you don?t believe me now

But you will.
F5   C5
You will.
F5   C5         G5         C5                 G5
You will, you will, you will, you will.

(Verse Chords)

Now until you hang upon such a cross,
you won?t know a thing about laughter or loss.
And from Galilee to Gethsemane
to Golgotha is a short, short walk.
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